Man conceals gold in double-layered pants

Kochi: Skirmers keep on adopting new ways to hide stuff. Sometimes they bring gold by hiding it in sandals or shoes, sometimes they hide it by doing surgery on the stomach. Sometimes try to hide in clothes. But this time a smuggler had found a very unique way to smuggle gold. But this idea also did not work and he was caught. 

302 grams of gold was seized at the airport in Kochi, Kerala, which is also in liquid form.  A man was caught at Kannur airport in Kochi. She was wearing double-layered pants. The Air Intelligence Unit suspected him and was searched. At first, nothing was found in the search. But when they noticed the double-layered pants, they checked them. The pants were taken off and cut. The intelligence unit was stunned as soon as the layers of the pants were separated.

Thin paste within the pants as gold was concealed. When the whole paste was weighed, it turned out to be 302 grams.  According to the Customs Preventive Unit, the Air Intelligence Unit has recovered 302 grams of gold as a very thin paste, concealed in double-layered pants worn by a passenger. The smuggler is said to have melted gold first. Then he must have stretched over a fold of pat. Then another layer must have been inserted and the pants were sewed. But this vicious method of smuggler also did not work and went behind bars.

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