Google Launches the World's Smartest AI: What Sets It Apart?
Google Launches the World's Smartest AI: What Sets It Apart?

In 2023, discussions on the merits and drawbacks of AI have surged worldwide, reminiscent of debates seen in Marvel films. Google, following the launch of its AI tool Bard earlier this year, has now unveiled a new AI tool called Gemini. Notably, Gemini operates on LLM (Large Language Models) and has been touted by Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis as a significant step in the development of AI models, poised to impact all Google products.

Gemini comes in three versions: Nano, the smallest, capable of offline operation on Android devices; Pro, integrated with Google's AI services and usable on Bard; and Ultra, positioned as Google's most powerful AI tool designed for data centers and enterprise applications.

As for user accessibility, Google has initiated the release of Gemini, with Gemini Ultra currently available to a limited audience due to ongoing safety checks. Gemini Pro can be utilized on Bard after logging in with a Google account, while some features of the Nano version have been released on the Google Pixel 8 Pro.

Gemini stands out as a multimodal tool, capable of understanding and processing text, code, audio, images, and videos. Google emphasizes Gemini's ability to outperform humans in various tasks, showcasing its creativity in a video where it interprets and responds to continuous creativity on a blank paper.

Gemini's application extends to solving problems in mathematics, physics, history, law, medicine, and ethics, covering 57 integrated subjects. It also has coding capabilities, marking a comprehensive AI tool for diverse tasks.

As for its future, the released video hints at Gemini evolving into a sophisticated assistant similar to Jarvis from the Iron Man movies. The comparison draws parallels between Gemini's capabilities and those of an assistant, suggesting potential advancements in future versions.

In conclusion, the launch of Gemini marks a significant development in the AI landscape, with Google aiming to integrate its capabilities across a spectrum of applications. As debates on AI ethics and performance continue, Gemini's multimodal features and potential advancements indicate a trajectory toward more sophisticated and integrated AI systems, resembling the fictional AI assistants depicted in popular media like Iron Man's Jarvis.

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