Google to pay French publishers in exchange for news content

Jan 22 2021 09:59 AM
Google to pay French publishers in exchange for news content

The copyright framework should be agreed upon between Google and the Group of French newspaper publishers. Under which USA giant tech firm Google is going to pay news publishers for online content. This is the first such agreement in Europe. It has also been said that the move could provide great relief to newspaper publishers facing declining revenue due to increasing internet penetration and reduction in print circulation. A person associated with the case says that other platforms like Facebook are also going to be motivated to consider this agreement.

Google, French publishers, and news agencies had been discussing the implementation of the new COPYRIGHT rules of the European Union for a long time. Publishers will be entitled to a fee from the online platform when any of their news is shown under this copyright rule. GOOGLE, which runs the world's largest online search engine, is initially opposing the idea of paying a publisher for content by saying that the search engine causes good traffic on the publishers' website.

After agreeing to the framework, pig, a group of publishers from Google and France, said that the payment is going to be fixed on the basis of daily published copy, monthly Internet traffic, and a proportion of political and other information. The agreement has been signed with some publishers under this framework. It's not yet mentioned how much is going to be paid. And how will it be calculated? To pay news publishers, Google has taken a special initiative in the name of News Showcase, in which publishers have the option to curate their content online. This option is now available in Brazil and Germany.

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