Government is making ‘empty announcements’: MK Stalin
Government is making ‘empty announcements’: MK Stalin

A strange political battle is going on in Tamil Nadu. On Sunday, DMK President M K Stalin said, "The AIADMK government has pushed the economy and industrial development of the State into a void, turning the future of youth into a big question." The state’s unemployment problem had gone up like never before to a level that was double that of the national average, it increased to 49.8% against the national average of 23.5%, Stalin said in a statement. Since December 2019 unemployment had gone up ten times due to the wrong policies of the government, it had destroyed the hopes of the youth, Stalin alleged.

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Alleging that the government was making ‘empty announcements’, putting out ‘needless advertisements’ and giving out tenders on a commission basis, he said the continuation of the lockdown with no regulations and no knowledge of scientific reasons putting people into hardship. By continuing the e-pass system with its inherent irregularities even after the National Disaster Management Authority had directed the removal of the system, the government tied up their people in their homes, restricting their movement, he pointed out.

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He referred to a joint survey by Tamil Nadu’s Economic and Statistical department and the Madras Institute of Development Studies that revealed a job loss for at least one person in 53 percent of the households in the State between March and May alone. Stalin said both urban and rural areas were affected, according to the survey which had put the figures in cities as 50 percent and villages as 56 percent.

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