Government set target till 2030, child marriage has to end from root
Government set target till 2030, child marriage has to end from root

In every region of India, where progress is being made. Even today the work of curbing the evil practices like child marriage is also seen in full swing. For many years, the rate of child marriage has been reduced by taking children towards education. Despite constant efforts on this, in some places, the figure of getting girls married at an early age is still high. While the reason for this malpractices is being told that people are less educated, the government has set a target to end child marriage by the year 2030 by promoting education and awareness.

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Sanjay Kumar of the United Nations Population Fund of the National Family Health Survey said using age-level data that the rate of child marriage has fallen from 58% in 1970 to only 21% in 2015-16. The average age of marriage for women is also increasing. In 2005-06, the average age of first marriage for women was 17 years has turned 19 in 2015-16.

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It has been seen in many villages that the girls who marry early are mostly those who have either not studied or those who have sat at home only after primary education. According to the data shown in the National Family Health Survey, 45% of the uneducated and 40% of the less educated girls are included in the list. Sanjay Kumar of NFHS has informed that by increasing one year of studies, marriage has increased by 0.4 years. Under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, India has set a target to abolish child marriage by 2030.

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