Murdered his own son for trapping sister-in-law, here's how mystery solved

Aug 22 2019 03:14 PM
Murdered his own son for trapping sister-in-law, here's how mystery solved

Noida: A shocking case of crime is reported from Gopalgarh village, which falls under the Jewar Kotwali area of Greater Noida. In this case, a mother killed her innocent man to trap her, she hid her in a wheat tank in her house and accused her sister-in-law for this.

When police investigated the case, the body of the missing innocent was recovered from the house itself. The villagers wonder how a mother can do this. Police have arrested the accused woman and initiated an investigation into the case. According to information, all the people in the house had gone to attend the religious function in the village when mother Hema Devi murdered the innocent. The family returned to the village and discovered the child as soon as the child was reported missing. But when the innocent son was not found, the victims reported it to the Jewar Kotwali police, on which the police filed a report of the missing child and began searching for the child.

But as time passed, the grain tank began to stink, and when people saw the grain tank they found that the body of the innocent lamp had been kept in a sack in the grain tank. The villagers reported it to the police.  On receiving information, the police rushed to the spot and took the body of the deceased Deepak for post mortem and arrested the accused woman.

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