Before worshiping Guru, know this rule

Jul 03 2020 06:00 PM
Before worshiping Guru, know this rule

Guru Purnima celebrated every year  It is coming up on 5 July. Today we are going to tell you what rules should be kept in mind before worshipping the Guru.

Rule -

- It is considered right to reveal your devotion by worshipping the statue, picture or their padukas of the deities.

- It is said that one should go to the Guru in a humble manner and bow down to him. Apart from this, when people goes to the Guru in a devoted sense, they starts being very kind.

-One should go to the Guru only with his permission and should leave only with his permission.

- You should always chant and meditate the divine mantra received from the Guru, but do not talk about it to anyone else even by mistake.

- You should become a good friend first to get the blessings of the Guru, because if there is a slight change in your character, then you can lose the nectar of knowledge received from the Guru.

- It is said that even your Guru should not be offended by mistake because once God gets angry with you, then guru can save you, but if the Guru gets angry then even God cannot help.

-It is said that the meaning of the worship of Guru is believed to be reverence and gratitude towards him.

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