Gwalior has lower infection rate than Indore and Bhopal
Gwalior has lower infection rate than Indore and Bhopal

Gwalior: The terror of Corona is not stopping across the country. Concerns are rising due to the spread of Coronavirus infection in Madhya Pradesh too, but the news of relief for the residents is that there is no such situation in Gwalior. The rate of infection is lower in Gwalior than Bhopal, Indore, and Ujjain. Every 70th sample in the city is positive. Whereas every 29th sample is coming in Bhopal, 12th in Indore, and every 11th in Ujjain. In this context, the figure of Gwalior has been reassuring. It is worth mentioning that the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has set the standards of people to be sampled in any city. Sampling is being done on the basis of these criteria in the state.

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Gwalior has been far behind the big cities of the state in terms of patients recovering from the Corona infection. In Ujjain where so far 72.36% patients have been discharged. 70% of the infected have been cured in Bhopal and 66.29% in Indore, while 63.84% of the infected have returned home in Gwalior. But the good thing is that so far only 2 people have died from Corona in Gwalior. 163 people have died in Indore, 69 in Bhopal, and 68 in Ujjain.

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Seven patients who have completed the ten-day period on Saturday have been discharged from the hospital of MPCT College. By Saturday, the number of patients recovering has increased to 159. While the total positives are 259.

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