Hamid Sheikh had given glass bottles to 'rioters' in Jahangirpuri.. Bangladeshis attacked the procession..Video
Hamid Sheikh had given glass bottles to 'rioters' in Jahangirpuri.. Bangladeshis attacked the procession..Video"

New Delhi: Taking continuous action in the Jahangirpuri violence case of the national capital Delhi, yesterday (April 18, 2022) the Delhi Police arrested Yunus Sonu, who opened fire and after that the news came that a person named Sheikh Hamid has also been caught.  Police have told that this Sheikh Hamid has confessed during interrogation that he had supplied the bottles used in the violence.

DCP Usha Rangnani while talking to the media has told that, 'During the investigation of Jahangirpuri violence, a 36-year-old Sheikh Hamid has been arrested. He's a junkie. During interrogation, he has told that he had supplied the bottles thrown during the violence. It is noteworthy that on the one hand when Delhi Police has arrested Sheikh Hamid, at the same time many videos are going viral on social media, in which locals are telling how these bottles were used by women along with rioters in Jahangirpuri violence. . Allegedly most of the people already had glass bottles and women were climbing on the roofs and throwing them at the people who attended the procession.


In a video posted by journalist Rohan Dua, local people are telling that, 'When Bangladeshi came running from behind, we saw glass bottles in their hands. They had wrapped this bottle in foil and some also had pistols in their hands. Apart from these, Uma Shankar of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has also told that when the attack took place in Jahangirpuri, Delhi, his intention was to kill people. He himself was involved in that rally and claims that he did not instigate the other community in any way. But still people came with weapons. Their women started throwing glass bottles from the roofs.

This is called a big-hearted policeman, who does such a thing that you will also salute

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