Osama Bin Laden popularly known as Mastermind Laden
Osama Bin Laden popularly known as Mastermind Laden

Osama Bin Laden was born on 10 March 1957 in a very wealthy and modern family in Saudi Arabia. But do you know that there is something special related to his life that even today no one knows?

Do you know that most people around the world know Osama Bin Laden by the name of Laden? But in fact, his full name was Osama, and he used Bin Laden as his surname. Osama Bin Laden's father Mohammed Bin Laden was one of the richest, and influential businessmen of Saudi Arabia. Osama was considered a person of modern fame among his 50 siblings in childhood. In the 1970s, Osama Bin Laden earned his degree from a Rahis college in Saudi Arabia. After which his attachment to his own family business started to bow down. At the same time, Osama Bin Laden married a Syrian girl and began living a modern life among his friends.

After some time, he met a professor at Muslim College, who taught about the current Muslim condition, and Osama Bin Laden had always wanted to protect the interest of the Muslim people, after which he moved to Afghanistan to protest against Russia. It is said that when he was thinking this, Russia took possession of the Afghan. Only after this, Osama Bin Laden went to Russia and started fighting in favor of the Afghan. And it is also said that this was the time when the US formed with the Taliban to fight Russia. During this time, Osama Bin Laden established an organization called Al Qaeda. According to the information received, America along with Taliban took possession of Russia. And for this victory, he was considered a hero.

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