Vice President of India greets nations on National Press Day

National Press Day is celebrated with great pomp in the country. According to the information, let us tell you that media is considered as the fourth pillar of democracy in India. National Press Day is celebrated on 16 November every year in the country. The day marks the presence of an independent and responsible press in India. Let us tell you that in almost 50 countries in the world there is Press Council or Media Council. National Press Day draws our attention to the freedom and responsibilities of the press.

Let us tell you that its first press commission conceived a press council with the objective of protecting the freedom of press in India and setting high standards in journalism. As a result, Press Council was established in India on 4 July 1966, which started its formal work from 16 November 1966. Since then till date 16 November is celebrated every year as 'National Press Day'. At the same time, it aims to provide an opportunity to rededicate itself with the aim of empowering journalists. Vice President of India Venkaiah Naidu has congratulated on the occasion of National Press Day.

He wrote, "Congratulations to all media-workers on the occasion of 'National Press Day'! You give direction to democratic discourse in the country… informing the citizens and enabling them. The role of media in bringing awareness to the people during this epidemic has been commendable. "

Significantly, in the present time the field of journalism has become widespread. Journalism is the art and mode of communicating informative, educative and entertaining messages to the people. A newspaper is like an answer book which has millions of examiners and countless reviewers. Examiners and reviewers of other media are also their target population. Factivity, realism, balance and objectivity are its fundamental elements. But their shortcomings are starting to prove to be a big tragedy in the field of journalism today. Whether a journalist is trained or non-trained, it is known that there should be factuality in journalism. But today the tendency to create sensation by distorting, exaggerating or subverting the facts is increasing in journalism today.



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