Hats off to such a woman!, distributes the leftover supper of brother's marriage to the poor

Nowadays a variety of videos and photos go viral. At the same time, some pictures are still a part of the discussion. In fact, some pictures of West Bengal have surfaced on social media in which a woman is seen distributing the leftover supper of her brother's wedding among the needy. You can see the woman can be seen at Ranaghat railway station with large utensils full of food. The woman is serving food on paper plates in these pictures. When the woman was distributing food to the poor in the shelter house and the streets around the station in the dark of the night, she was accompanied by no crowd but only a few family members.


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Yes, we have all often seen that weddings serve a variety of dishes to show off and please guests. Although people throw it away when food is left, this woman did not. Instead, the woman distributed the leftover food at her brother's wedding among the needy. The woman is said to be 'Papia Kar'. When the decorated woman started distributing food, the people present were seen praying for the woman from the top.

Now, looking at the photo of this woman, people are commending the woman and praising her style. The woman, Papia Kar, distributed the food at around 1 pm on the night of December 4. The photos are said to have been clicked by photographer Nilanjan Mondal. As part of the information received, Papia reached Ranaghat Jamshan, a suburban railway station in Kolkata, directly from her brother's wedding. Sitting on the ground in a traditional wedding dress here, he distributed food to the people.

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