Heavy pro-Imran protests staged across Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Protests erupted across Pakistan's main cities following the removal of former Prime Minister Imran Khan by the country's opposition in a vote of no-confidence.

As per reports, protests began around 9.30 p.m. on Sunday in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Malakand, Multan, Khanewal, Khyber, Jhang, Quetta, Okara, Abbottabad, Bajaur, Lower Dir, Shangla, Kohistan, Mansehra, Swat, Gujrat, Faisalabad, Nowshera, Dera Ghazi Khan, and Mandi.  Khan praised the thousands of demonstrators who came out in his support on Twitter late Sunday night.

"Thank you to all Pakistanis for their incredible outpouring of sympathy and emotions in response to the US-backed regime change, which was aided by local Mir Jafars in bringing into power a posse of pliable thieves who were all out on bail. Pakistanis at home and abroad have vehemently opposed this "he stated.

Before the protests, the former PM had tweeted on Sunday evening: "Pakistan gained independence in 1947, but the fight for independence continues today against a foreign plot to overthrow the government. The people of the country are always the ones that defend their country's sovereignty and democracy." The demonstration began near the city's Zero Point in Islamabad, causing traffic congestion on the Srinagar Highway, the report said.

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