Helal Jr.: The man who jumped to success by becoming one of the top masters in Mixed Martial Arts.

This Egyptian boxing champion is a source of inspiration to many boxing aspirers in the world.

There are so many in this world who dream of becoming something, achieving big right from their childhood & even start with working towards the same while they are still kids, some get the right opportunities at the right time while some others wait while they grow up to work upon them. We know of an individual named Helal Adham Gamil Helal who rightfully fits in the former category, also popularly known as Helal Jr. who started preparing & building his career right from the age of 12. It was in 2007 that he started with kickboxing. This young lad & boxer was born to Adham Helal and Rania Helal in Cairo on 19 December 1995 & studied from Lycee Farancais Du Caire College. As he grew up he emerged as one of the best Egyptian boxing champions & professional mixed martial artist.

His stint with kickboxing continued for 3 years while he was still in his teens before he jumped into mixed martial arts full-fledged when it all got started in Egypt back in the year 2010. Reportedly the man behind making Helal Jr. debut in MMA was his cousin Ali Younis, who himself was a celebrated MMA fighter. The brother duo together became a part of many underground fights in Cairo. This continued till Egypt introduced Egyptian Fighting Championship (EFC). This move by Egypt made the fighter duo take the game to greater heights & continue that as a profession.

Helal Jr. with time became one of the most robust boxing champions & for this, he gives credit to his cousin Ali Younis, as he profoundly influenced young Helal Jr. ever since he started his career & also made him understand the value & the beauty of martial arts. Since the time he began with underground fights, Helal Jr. never looked back in life & that also encouraged him to promote physical training & its education across Asia.

It was in 2015 that Helal Jr. shifted to Bristol in the United Kingdom for a degree programme in product designing from the University of West of England; at the same time he even joined Impact Gym in Bristol to further amplify his skills in mixed martial arts. In a rather unfortunate turn of events, his cousin Ali Younis whom Helal Jr. also considered his mentor & best friend passed away due to a motorcycle accident & this in a way changed Helal Jr's life substantially. This unfortunate incident made Helal Jr. stronger & also motivated him to bring martial arts in the world. Even today this young boxing champ considers his late brother as his inspiration & a motivational factor.

Talking about his achievements, Helal Jr. is a former EFC Muay Thai Champion (2011), MMA Bantamweight Champion (2012), EMA Featherweight champion (2014) and also TRFC Light Welterweight Champion (2018).

Recovering from the loss of his mentor & brother, Helal Jr. moved to Malaysia for the completion of his studies & today has become an active participant in Asian fighting championship games & moreover proudly represents his home country Egypt.

Not just this, last year in July Helal Jr. even became an entrepreneur by starting his sportswear business named "BXGLAB" (https://www.bxglab.com/). This company is a boxing equipment manufacturing company that promises to create prime quality equipments & apparels for the fighting world. He aims to take his brand to higher realms of the industry & be known as a leading company in the industry not only in Malaysia but also in the entire of Asia.

Other than his love for boxing, Helal Jr. has a liking for car racing, hiking, sketching & listening to music. He is a master of three languages - French, Arabic & English. The multi-talented boxer is also excellent at product designing, video editing & cooking. 

Helal Jr's Instagram handle (https://www.instagram.com/helal.jr/?hl=en) is gaining much traction & holds a fan base of 21.5k followers already. The numbers are also growing each day & this proves the love & respect people shower him with. 

Kudos to people like Helal Jr. who are not only fighters in the ring, but fighters in life who hit back hard to their struggles & emerge as a champion of life.

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