Here’s all you need to know about the emerging streetwear fashion brand Gadzhi!

Jan 14 2021 10:09 AM
Here’s all you need to know about the emerging streetwear fashion brand Gadzhi!

Many new streetwear brands are popping up across the globe every day. The culture of streetwear has brought the phenomenon and has built a reputation in the fashion market. One of the emerging streetwear brands is Gadzhi, founded by Iman Gadzhi in 2019. The fashion apparel in less than two years has collaborated with many popular influencers, artists and musicians. Iman being an online creator and entrepreneur has associated with these names for his brand. It has, in turn, helped the brand to get a great exposure

Gadzhi is known for its cool, funky yet comfortable outfits which cater particularly to the millennials. With heavy-cotton t-shirts and oversized hoodies, the clothing brand plans to release new items with limited quantity. The main USP of Gadzhi is its quality at an affordable price. Giving the best experience, the clothing brand has managed to build a loyal fanbase and is still growing strong. The outfits created by the brand are menswear and also womenswear, and till date, it has launched 3 seasons which have limited outfits for its customers.

The exclusive collection of other apparel and accessories will be launching soon. The main reason behind Gadzhi’s immense success is its unique marketing strategy and customer feedback. The brand’s funky outfits especially t-shirts printed with slogans and graphics have got sold in huge quantities. Besides this, the support from celebrities has helped the brand to prosper. The latest collaboration of Gadzhi was with musical artist JORDS, and the brand has got many other collaborations happening this year.

Looking at the upward trend of streetwear fashion, Gadzhi is leaving no stone unturned in offering premium outfits for the customers. Besides fashion, the brand also aims to launch other accessories this year. Earlier in December, Gadzhi announced the launch of the exclusive collection of blue light blockers. The product is available on the official website for pre-order and it will be in stock soon. With many plans of launching apparel and accessories this year, it seems that Gadzhi is all set to take over the fashion market with a storm.

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