Country's most expensive challan, Driver is in shock

Sep 11 2019 12:12 PM
Country's most expensive challan, Driver is in shock

New Delhi:  The new Motor Vehicle Act has come into force in the country on 1 September 2019, since then, there have been many such cases in which the amount of challan has not only shocked the driver but also others. Now a similar case has emerged from Delhi.

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Most expensive challan in the country is charged near the Rohini area of Delhi. Please note that a fine of 1 lakh 41 thousand 700 rupees has to be paid for a truck here. Actually, the thing is that the challan of such a huge amount of this truck has been deducted by the Delhi Police for violating the traffic rules. This truck is registered under Rajasthan transport and the truck number is 4018. The truck driver, whose name is BhaghwanRam, has also shared a photo of the receipt of his challan, in which the price of fine can be seen.

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Please note that this is not the first time in 10 days such cases of challan are coming out from different areas of the country continuously. But the challan of this truck has become the largest challan in the country so far. In one case, a truck in Nagaland number has paid a price of 86 thousand rupees recently as an invoice. Whereas just before this, two cases had come from the NCR area, in which one scooter had to pay 23 thousand rupees as challan and in another case, the auto driver had to pay a fine of 34 thousand.

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