Why Journalism Day is celebrated only on 30th May Hindi?

Today, May 30, is considered very important for Hindi journalism. However, there are a lot of glorious and memorable days in journalism. But 195 years ago, the first Hindi language newspaper in India was published on May 30. Former publisher and editor Pandit Jugal Kishore Shukla has a special place in the world of Hindi journalism. Pandit Jugal Kishore Shukla started from Calcutta on May 30, 1826 as a weekly newspaper called "Udant Martand". From the very beginning, Hindi journalism faced a lot of challenges. With time, they only changed their appearance. But with many challenges, Hindi journalism has made its presence felt globally.

Hindi was not just a newspaper, then Hindi journalism started from Bengal, which is attributed to Raja Rammohan Roy. Pandit Jugal Kishore Shukla started the publication of Udant Martand from Amdatalla Gali, number 27, kolu tola street in Calcutta. At that time, there were already a lot of newspapers in English Persian and Bengali, but not a single newspaper was coming out in Hindi. By the way, an English newspaper was started in 1780 before Udant Martand. Nevertheless, Hindi had to wait till 1826 for his first newspaper.  On January 29, 1780, Irish citizen James Augustus Hicky launched a newspaper called 'Calcutta General Advertiser' in English, the first newspaper in any language in the Indian Asian subcontinent. Born on May 17, 1788 in Kanpur, couple Kishore Shukla went to Kolkata in connection with a job at the East India Company.

Born in Kanpur, Shukla was knowledgeable in Sanskrit, Persian, English and Bengali and, based on the image of a 'multilingual', became an advocate in the Sadar Civil Court in Kanpur, presenting the meaning of proceedings readery. Thereafter, he started trying to remove 'Udant Martand', a weekly Hindi newspaper. After several attempts, he received his approval from the Governor General on 19th February, 1826. 500 copies of the first issue of this weekly newspaper appeared, but due to lack of Hindi speaking readers, it could not get much readers. On the other hand, being away from Hindi speaking regions, newspapers had to be sent by post, proving to be an expensive deal. Jugal Kishore appealed to the government to give some concessions in postal rates but the British government did not agree to it

The newspaper appeared in the format of the book every Tuesday. A total of 79 marks could be published. Started on May 30, 1826, the newspaper finally closed on December 4, 1827. This led to economic difficulties. According to historians, the company government had given mail to the missionaries' letter, but "Udant Martand" did not get this facility. Because of this, this newspaper was behaved bluntly.

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