Hollywood Actor Jonathan Majors Sentenced to Counseling for Domestic Violence
Hollywood Actor Jonathan Majors Sentenced to Counseling for Domestic Violence

Actor Jonathan Majors has been ordered to undergo one year of counseling for domestic violence following his conviction for assault. Majors, once a rising star in Hollywood, faced charges after attacking his girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. The sentencing was handed down by Justice Michael Gaffey of the state Supreme Court in Manhattan. Majors must attend a 52-week domestic violence program in Los Angeles, with the possibility of virtual sessions. Additionally, he must continue mental health therapy and adhere to a permanent protection order against Jabbari. Violations could result in jail time.

The sentencing, delivered in a Manhattan courtroom, came months after Majors was found guilty of harassment and assault against Jabbari. He arrived in court with his current girlfriend, Meagan Good, and received support from family and friends. Jabbari delivered a victim impact statement, expressing concern about Majors' lack of remorse and accountability. She criticized his legal team's tactics during the trial.

Judge Gaffey cited Majors' lack of prior criminal history in his decision not to impose jail time, though Majors remained impassive during the proceedings. Majors had denied assaulting Jabbari, with his defense team alleging she was the aggressor.

Jabbari has since filed a lawsuit against Majors for assault and defamation, citing an interview on "Good Morning America" where Majors denied the allegations. The lawsuit also alleges prior instances of assault and emotional abuse.

Following the guilty verdict, Majors faced professional repercussions, being fired from Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite this setback, his lawyer expressed optimism about Majors' future in the film industry.

Jabbari's lawsuit against Majors also details previous instances of assault and emotional abuse, including threats of self-harm. Text messages exchanged between the couple were used as background information during the trial.

Majors' career has suffered significant blows since the guilty verdict. He was terminated from his role in Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he portrayed the character Kang the Conqueror. Additionally, he was dropped by his management and publicity firms, leaving his Hollywood future uncertain.

Despite these setbacks, Majors remains hopeful about his prospects in the film industry. His lawyer expressed confidence that he will return to work soon. However, the consequences of his actions and the legal proceedings continue to cast a shadow over his career.

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