Host Maniesh Paul followed by 20 bikers, considers it scary

Jan 17 2017 01:17 PM
Host Maniesh Paul followed by 20 bikers, considers it scary

The one of the most awesome and successful host in town is definitely Maniesh Paul. Recently Maniesh encountered with scary experience while returning to Mumbai from Lonavla where he went for a shoot of an ad.

He was followed up by 20 bikers when they spotted him in his car. As per information of source, “Initially, he was okay with it as they were just shouting his name, but all hell broke loose when they started banging the window glass of his car as they wanted him to get down and click pictures with them. But seeing their rowdy behaviour, Maniesh just waved at them and zoomed away in his car.”

Maniesh considers it scary experience says, “It was midnight and these 20 bikes with three guys riding on each one chased me. Half of them looked a little drunk. Their bikes were so close to the car, that my driver had a tough time manoeuvring the vehicle. If I speeded up they would also increase the speed, I had to take care that they don’t end up falling and getting hurt. So, I told my driver to go slowly. This is the first time I faced something like this and it was scary.”

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