How dangerous is 'Omicron' variant? Know its symptoms

New Delhi: The scourge of corona infection is not going down in the world. The new corona variant Omicron has entered India. 2 cases of new corona variant Omicron have been reported in India. There are two states in the country that have more than 10,000 active cases. He is from Kerala and Maharashtra.

Mentions that south African experts were the first to confirm the new variant in their country. Subsequently, this new variant was also found in Israel and Belgium. In addition, Botswana and Hong Kong also confirmed the presence of variants. Scientific studies have revealed that the Omicron variant is also afraid of the deadliest delta variant. The worry is that those who have taken both doses of corona vaccination may also be affected by this variant. The same scientific analysis so far has also revealed that the new variant is spreading faster than any other variant including delta. The omicron variant has so far detected mutations such as K417N, E484A, P681H and N679K that completely break the patient's immune system. In such a situation, people need to be more careful.

Symptoms of omicron variant:- Regarding the symptoms of omicron, experts say that no abnormal symptoms are being observed in the patient when infected with B. variant. In fact, like the rest of the corona symptoms, this variant is also facing common problems. In the omicron variant, symptoms such as breathing problems, loss of taste and smell, cough, sore throat and fever are being observed.

Preventive measures: WHO says it is most important to be careful to avoid the fiercest variant of the corona. Follow the social distance when you leave the house without a mask. Take care of the hygiene of your hands and complete the corona vaccination.

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