How long does the immunity developed exists : Reinfection Of CoronaVirus
How long does the immunity developed exists : Reinfection Of CoronaVirus

The corona virus outbreak has flipped the world upside down. Varies studies on Vaccine, medicine, impacts, effects are conducted and is still never ending. A recent study on the reinfection of Corona virus and what they mean for the future course of action has been made and is published in a British journal. It indicates the possibility of reinfectioon and the symptoms will be severe.

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The study says a 25-year old man with full immunity was conformed the deadly viral infection through PCR  in April 2020 is recovered in quarantined and tested negative by RT-PCR at two consecutive times post quarantine. After 48 days, the same man tested positive by RT-PCR. The reinfection requires oxygen support and hospitalization. The report says the patient had positive antibodies but whether he had pre-existing antibodies post first infection is unknown. It puts a question mark on the belief that COVID-19 cured will have developed the disease antibodies.  The study mandates a safe and effective vaccines and robust vaccination implementation to protect the community.  Belgium, Netherland, Hongkong and Ecuador have reported each one reinfection cases. The detailed study on these people will possess implication on vaccine development and implementation.

WHO warns nations who are taking the pandemic very lightly

India has reported two reinfections one from Mumbai and one from Ahmedabad. World Health Organization (WHO) has reported of two dozen reinfections around the globe. The cut-off for reinfection is not yet decided even by WHO but India maintains it as 100 days. If the reinfection occurs in a short period of recovery, it raises a question of how long does the disease developed immunity stays in the body. These questions will lets us know how many doses of vaccine is required for longer immunity.

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