How Smartphone Killing the PC's and Laptop's day by day?

One glance at the pocket-friendly smartphone and you will find it hard to deny that nothing can be truer than this age-old saying! Good things come in small packages", goes a popular adage. Nowadays mobile gadgets have replaced critical outdated compact devices, as well with the help of the smartphone, generation can do any possible task with swipes and taps of the fingers.

WhySmartphonesHaveReplaced Computers and laptops

In early days Computers were much in demand for their sharp processors and good CPUs that used to convert raw data into meaningful information within a seconds. Once think of present day's smartphones with long life batteries, as well as has good processing versions with internal storages between 16 GB to 128 GB is available. Where we can treasure our photos, videos and files. With the commencement of the 21st century by the mean of Mobile anyone can have a access to the internet banking, can easily manage their monetary transactions. 


By the smartphone people can check the happenings across the world, it has navigation system as such it provides GPS tracker.To make the things memorable in early days there used to be a low picxel cameras but in smartphone the camera compete with DSLR.

The World Brought suppressed under your Fingertips with mobile Apps

It is a  very known fact that nowadays consumers utilising their 80% time in the social media apps. Think of a time where there were no high tech gadgets and in those days how people managed everything. But today if need to check our account balance, Get our  bank passbook updated or whether to pay bills? Drop a cheque to the nearest branch. Whether you are thinking to upgrade your wardrobe, everything become easy. 

Seamless Browsing with Responsive Design

Early days there used to be cumbersome device with compact surfing, but mobile gadgets and helped in the evolution of web design approach that ensured that mobile gadgets are the best replacement for the computers.  Benifit of having CSS-media queries, images and fluid grids and layouts that emphasize on sizing the page elements by proportion and not by pixels, responsive designs enable websites to automatically respond to a user’s preferences such that there is no difference in the clarity of the web pages when one view them on a laptop or on the display of a smartphone.


Effortless searches with AI-enabled Virtual Assistants

Typing the facts and figures using a PC keyboard is not convenient than typing your search words using the virtual keyboard of a touch phone. However, with the development of intelligent personal assistants like Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant, we can command them with voice  and can have personalised interactions that we can ask our quiries, no need to take laptop everywhere and to be dependent on laptops. Google has confirmed that searches on mobile devices is more than PC's and Laptop's. 


Price Matters!

Though we know there are availability of smartphones with an attractive prices. You can comapre the prices of Mobile gadgets and powerful desktop or a laptop – When you will go to purchase laptops your will easily deplete your precious savings. So better you should purchase smartphone than PC's ana laptop's in this way you can get better experience of durability and reliability. 

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