How Taliban Executes Two People in Southeastern Afghanistan Stadium
How Taliban Executes Two People in Southeastern Afghanistan Stadium

Taliban Executes Two People in Southeastern Afghanistan Stadium: In a distressing turn of events, the Taliban conducted a double public execution at a stadium in southeastern Afghanistan on Thursday. This grim act unfolded in the Ali Lala area of Ghazni city, witnessed by a crowd of thousands, including an AP journalist.

Despite inquiries, the Taliban remained silent regarding the identities of the executed individuals or the purported crimes that led to their demise. Reports from local media suggest that the orders for their executions stemmed from several courts and the Taliban's supreme leader, Hibatullah Akhundzada, as retribution for alleged offenses.

The stadium's vicinity was packed with onlookers, some scrambling for a vantage point, while religious figures attempted to intervene, urging the victims' relatives to grant forgiveness. Sadly, their pleas fell on deaf ears.

The executions commenced shortly before 1 p.m., with a total of 15 bullets discharged – eight aimed at one individual and seven at the other. Following the macabre spectacle, ambulances were dispatched to remove the bodies from the scene.

This incident marks the third and fourth known public executions since the Taliban assumed control in 2021 amidst the tumultuous withdrawal of US and NATO forces. It's a grim reminder of the Taliban's previous reign in the late 1990s, characterized by frequent public executions, floggings, and stonings.

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