Deadly Avalanche Strikes Afghanistan, Leaving Dozens Trapped
Deadly Avalanche Strikes Afghanistan, Leaving Dozens Trapped

AFGANISTAN: In a devastating incident, an avalanche has claimed the lives of at least six individuals and left around 30 others trapped in the eastern province of Nuristan, Afghanistan. The catastrophe unfolded following heavy snowfall across various parts of the country.

Jamiullah Hashimi, the provincial head of information and culture, revealed that rescue efforts are currently underway amidst ongoing snowfall. He expressed concern that the death toll could rise as the situation develops.

The avalanche struck Nakre village in the Tatin valley of Nuristan overnight, burying homes under layers of snow and debris. Approximately 20 houses have been either destroyed or severely damaged, according to Hashimi.

Maulvi Mohammad Nabi Adel, the head of public works in the province, highlighted the challenges faced by rescue teams. He mentioned that adverse weather conditions, including clouds and rain, have hindered helicopter operations in Nuristan. Furthermore, one of the main roads leading into the province has been blocked by snow, complicating rescue efforts further.

Nuristan province, situated along the border with Pakistan, is predominantly characterized by mountainous forests and lies at the southern edge of the Hindu Kush mountain range.

This year, Afghanistan experienced a delayed onset of snowfall, disrupting its usual winter patterns. The scarcity of rainfall, essential for agriculture, has compelled numerous farmers to postpone planting activities.

Afghanistan, grappling with the aftermath of prolonged conflict and economic challenges, faces heightened vulnerability to natural disasters and extreme weather events exacerbated by climate change. Despite receiving substantial humanitarian aid following the US-led invasion, funding to the country has dwindled following the Taliban's resurgence in mid-2021, partly due to concerns over the restrictive policies imposed, particularly regarding women's rights.

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