How to address the Challenge of Students Engagement in a Virtual Teaching Environment?

DR. PARUL SHARDA: To engage the students while online teaching has been beautifully covered by Dr Parul Sharda in a 7 Days FDP on “Practical Aspects of ICT Tools &Online Teaching in the Current Scenario” organised by Research Foundation of India on the 4th day of FDP on 28th June 2021.

In this era of Pandemic when everything seems uncertain, we can contribute our best and be hopeful to make the best utilization of time and resources that we have. In this line, the Research Foundation of India sponsored by IRGF, WFST, ARGA and Edu Academic, is continuously striving and doing its best to make a positive change in society by spreading education and research. Research Foundation of India is strictly working for the social upliftment and higher Education quality and Indian research promotions in the form of Events like International / National Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Symposium, and other Activities under the effective leadership of Dr Sourabh Jain -Chairman- RFI, Dr Ashok Kumar Gupta Chief Managing Director-RFI, and Prof. Ajay Jain-President Central India Board.

Currently seven days Training Program/FDP on “Practical Aspects of ICT Tools &Online Teaching in the Current Scenario” is going on starting from 25th June till 1st July 2021, covering different dimensions of the theme. Renowned speakers from all over the country, from reputed universities and institutions, are delivering their expertise to make this an extraordinary learning journey.Also, many famous universities and institutions from all over the nation are working in association to make this FDP one of its kind.

Indore Management Institute and Research Centre is a management excellence institute that is continuously working for the upliftment of students and faculties are associated with this FDP Programme. Dr Parul Sharda who is working as an Associate Professor at IMIRC and also serving as an M.P State Secretary-RFI delivered an expert talk on the topic “Students Engagement Tips and Tools” in which she had shared the various strategies to engage the students in an empathetic manner. She emphasised that it is our prime responsibility being the educators to make the studies and mental well being of our students intact with our best efforts. Quescussion, Sketchnoting, Scavenger Hunt, Brainwriting and Flipped Classroom are few techniques that she shared to make the class more interactive and enjoyable. Dr Sharda shared that learning by doing things is more effective than teaching through theory. Concepts and their clarity must be emphasised than mugging up the content just for the sake of scores. She mentioned that NEP-2020 also pointed out the importance of holistic development of students, which can be done by some virtual live projects in which students get to learn things by experiential learning. Students in their final years can be engaged by employability training sessions which covers online interview handling tips and techniques, this exercise will not only boost the morale and confidence of students but also will increase the brand value of institutions. She also added that in IMIRC, this employability training programme is a successful mantra to engage students.

Dr. Parul Sharda, the Author of this article, is the Associate Professor and HOD (Management), Indore Management Institute & Research Centre and also M.P State Secretary -RFI.


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