How to Become Cisco Certified: Use PrepAway and Be Ready for Your Exams

May 28 2019 04:30 PM
How to Become Cisco Certified: Use PrepAway and Be Ready for Your Exams

The Cisco certifications demonstratethe level of professional knowledge of a person regarding computer networks and its various fields. Moreover, these credentials offerfive subdivisions, such as Entry Level (CCENT, CCT), Associate Level (CCNA, CCDA), Professional Level (CCNP, CCDP), Expert Level (CCIE, CCDE), and Architect Level (CCAr). All these certificates further evolve your knowledge of a concept of other more specific fields. They include Routing& Switching, Industrial, Network Security, Service Provider, Cyber Ops, Collaboration, Data Center, and Wireless.


More information about Cisco certifications

CCENT is an entry-level credential. It is the lowest of the certifications that revolve around basic knowledge of the networks and systems. CCNA is now the next step, which was one of the primary certifications before CCENT was introduced. This certificate is the fundamentals of applying for network support position. Since CCNA is built upon the existing entry-level knowledge of installation, managing, and troubleshooting a small enterprise network and basic network security, it is better to begin with CCENT.

Moreover, the third level that demonstrates more advanced knowledge is CCNP. It shows that a specialist is able to verify and troubleshoot local and wide area networks. Then, we have the expert level, or CCIE, being the highest level of Cisco credentials. It requires an immense understanding of the inter-network concepts and a professional application of them. You will be tested on more challenging concepts and a deeper understanding of routing & switching, service provider, security, collaboration, data center, and wireless.

In addition, the final certification offered is CCAr, which is the ultimate certificate offered by Cisco. This one is for those individuals who possess an expert-level command on the fundamentals of the previous Cisco certifications. It is recommended for network infrastructure architects as it will benefit them to produce technical specifications. This will help translate the business requirements through technical requirements.


Where to startCisco certification pathway

Becoming Cisco certified is not a very easy process.That is why it is one of the most highly reputable and renowned credentials recognized globally. There are certain exams for each level of certification that need to be passed. For beginners, the most efficient way to start is through the basic-level certificates. CCENT is a good choice. To get this credential, you need to pass one 90-minute exam. It contains 45-55 questions. There are no specific prerequisites required for this certification test, which makes it the perfect place to start.

After that, you can try to achieve a higher-level certification such as CCNA. Although it is not mandatory to have CCENT to receive the CCNA credential, it is greatly encouraged and recommended. Anyway, you are required to have basic knowledge regarding the field. The cost of the exams differs. Each test has also a different minimum as the passing score. If you achieve the minimum passing score, it marks the completion of your certification.

The CCNA credentials are usually a requirement for CCNP. This will be the only way you can get one of the more advanced or expert-level certifications. Thus, if you would like to go further, you shouldn’t ignore this step. One of the most popular certificates is CCNA Routing and Switching.


Preparationfor Cisco certification exams

One can use multiple methods to prepare for Cisco exams. There are many websites and applications that give you access to exam dumps, virtual test simulators, and trainings you need to pass successfully such tests. One of these websites is PrepAway. With the help of this online platform, you can manage to get discounts on textbooks that you can use to study for your exams. Besides, you can find a lot of practice tests there to understand the format of the exams.Clearing concepts is a vital part of understanding and incorporating what you have learned from text into a more visual representation.

PrepAway is one of the most effective study resources you can find. The PrepAway books are divided in a way that makes studying much simpler. There are some study guides to ensure you can get the practice you need and the solutions to problems. There are training courses,tutorials, and premium files, which you can purchase individually or in a bundle. Through proper training with PrepAway, you can get enough skills to pass the exams.

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