‘How to commit a Murder’, Man searched it on Google and killed his wife
‘How to commit a Murder’, Man searched it on Google and killed  his wife

A shocking incident comes to light from Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad where a husband killed his wife after searching how to murder on Google. He also tried to purchase poison from Flipkart. The accused has been identified as Vikas.

Vikas is a resident of Ghaziabad. He was arrested by the state’s police for killing his wife after incriminating evidence was found on his mobile phone when the police decided to go through his search history. The accused also frame a false story to the UP police regarding the killing of his wife. After investigating the issues. The UP Police find Vikas has a girlfriend.

He also lied to the police. Vikas had given the false story of a robbery regarding the killing of his wife. He himself went to the police and claimed that Sonia got robbed on the National Highway near Hapur on Friday. The police reached the spot of the robbery and found Sonia on the road with her throat slit,. The police took Vikas for questioning.  The UP police found major incriminating evidence against the man on his phone.

As per the information, the accused has searched ‘how to commit a murder’ on Google. The accused also tried to buy poison from the e-commerce platform Flipkart and tried to purchase a gun online. The police revealed that Vikas and the deceased Sonia had been married for several years, and the couple started having marital problems when the extramarital relationship with Vikas came forward.  After frequent fights Vikas decided to murder Sonia to be with his girlfriend.

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