Treat dandruff with these home remedies

May 07 2020 05:07 PM
Treat dandruff with these home remedies

Dandruff is a common hair problem. Whether it is summer, rainy or winter, the problem of dandruff is very troublesome. Not only this, but most people are also troubled by the problem of dandruff due to wrong eating, fungal infections. Usually, the problem of dandruff is not taken seriously, but if it is not taken care of in time, then this common problem can also be serious. Although there are many anti-dandruff shampoos in the market, but there is a risk of hair becoming dry due to their use. In such a situation, it is better that you adopt home remedies so that the hair is least damaged.

1. Lemon juice
Using lemon juice is very beneficial to overcome the problem of dandruff. But you should come to use it properly or else your hair may be dry. Gently squeeze one lemon in mustard oil or coconut oil. Massage the scalp with this oil and leave it for a while. After this wash the hair thoroughly. Try these measures twice a week. You will definitely benefit.

2. Tea Tree Oil
T-tree oil has antibacterial and antiviral properties. In such a situation, this is a very effective way to overcome the problem of dandruff. Mix a few drops of it in your shampoo and wash the head. The use of four to five times will solve the problem of dandruff.

3. Yogurt
Using curd is very beneficial in the problem of dandruff. Along with removing the problem of dandruff, it also works to nourish the hair. Mix a spoonful of baking soda in a cup of yogurt. Apply this pack in scalp. Within a few days you will see a difference.

4. Neem and basil water
Boil some leaves of neem and basil well in water. When the water of the pot remains half, filter it and keep it to cool down. Wash hair with this water. The use of a few times will solve the problem of dandruff.

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