Husband gives poison to family of his wife's lover

May 21 2020 02:04 PM
Husband gives poison to family of his wife's lover

Nowadays cases of increasing crime is shocking everyone. In such a case, in that case, in the Alipur area of the national capital, the accused gave poisonous medicine to the whole family of her wife's lover. Yes, with this, two women were sent to the family of the victim after paying two to two thousand rupees for drinking poisonous medicine.

In this case, the police has arrested both the accused women, including the main conspirator. According to the information received, Vikram lives in Ramzanpur area. At the same time, two women came to his house in the afternoon and both the stranger women called themselves health workers. After that, the two women gave poisonous medicine to Vikram, his wife and children after telling them the medicine. At the same time, when everyone's condition started deteriorating, the neighbors were all admitted to the hospital, after which the whole matter came to light.

In this case, the police investigation revealed that the conspirator suspected the head of the victim's family that he had relations with the conspirator's wife and hence he planned to eliminate the wife's lover and his entire family. This matter is being reported as of last Monday.

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