Hyderabad : Minor indulge in cyber crime, stalking and harassing a MBBS student

Apr 08 2021 11:21 AM
Hyderabad : Minor indulge in cyber crime, stalking and harassing a MBBS student

On Wednesday, a shocking incident reported from Hyderabad, in this a juvenile boy was stalking and harassing an MBBS student on social media. Let us share in brief that accused boy was hacked girl profile in social media platform Facebook and her email account as well then posted abusive and obscene content in her profile. As per Police, the Cyberabad Police apprehended minor boy for harassing a girl in social media.

In this case He also sent abusive and threatening mail to the victim’s neighbour. It is reported that lived in the same neighbourhood as the victim, earlier used to move closely with her and had also helped her in deleting her social media accounts. He changed the password of her email at that time, and subsequently, logged into her email account and started posting abusive comments. However, he was produced before the Juvenile Justice Board which sent him to the observation home.

“He also got access to photos saved in her email account and created an impact that all devices were hacked by some unknown person. He sent emails to her family members as well about the things happening around them, to make them believe that some unidentified person had hacked their devices. Based on a complaint from the victim, the police booked a case, tracked him and apprehended him.

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