"I always prefer to keep it neat and professional": Somya Saamoor

Eisha Singh and Vivian Dsena's show Sirf Tum has undergone numerous changes recently, including being moved to an early evening time slot and being added to the channel's OTT platform. Many actors have also left the show in the interim. Riya, Vivian's childhood friend, was portrayed by Sonya Saamoor, who left the show in June. Sonya finally revealed her choice, though she refused to comment at the time. "For me, Riya was dead long before I left the show," she claims. Riya and Ranveer (Vivian's character) became friends, and she accepted it. There was no room for her to change for the worse. I came to the realisation that my character was disjointed and wasn't inspiring me creatively.

I'm a conscientious professional, so I didn't want to end the show suddenly. I'm glad I left the programme on a positive note. Although I absolutely adore what I do, my top priority is to be happy at work. I made the decision to leave and move on to a better and more difficult position because of this.

She responds, "I didn't know that leaving the show would come across as such a big shock. I don't know why it took me so long to share my reasons for leaving the show midway. In addition, I enjoy speaking when I'm prepared. I oppose any kind of drama in real life and don't support mudslinging in public. I always like to keep things organised and polished. In the heat of the moment, people frequently say hurtful things that can negatively affect those involved in a show. I like to consider everyone's feelings, and I never want my choice to have an adverse effect on or hurt someone. The makers accepted and understood my justification for leaving. Who can you really blame since you can't predict a TV show's future or outcome? It wasn't their fault.

What then, in her opinion, is Sirf Tum's future?

It reportedly moved to OTT. After returning from his vacation, Vivian picked up the shoot again. It appears to be going smoothly. Naturally, I wish them all the best and hope that it continues to be successful for as long as everyone desires. Since a single show fills numerous homes, it's always a plus to see everyone employed—not just the actors but also everyone else who puts in significant effort to make the show look good. The success of the show depends on a huge number of people. I therefore hope it performs well on OTT," she adds.

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