"In TV you have to quickly think of newer ways if a plot hasn't worked out": Fahmaan Khan

Actor Fahmaan Khan, who is currently portraying Aryan in the film Imlie, says he enjoys acting in action scenes. The actor, who took over for Gashmeer Mahajani on the programme, also acknowledged that at first he was a little hesitant, but that once he gave the go-ahead, he was all heart for the part.

"When I was offered this role, I was a little hesitant, but after the creative team persuaded me that this was a grey character, I was all in it from the first day of shooting," he claims. The remainder is history. In addition to being grey, Aryan is also an action hero who will beat up bad guys and engage in some difficult stunts. I believe that this aspect of him also struck a chord with viewers.

I adore playing action-oriented roles and draw a lot of inspiration from Bollywood action movies like Ghulam. Action scenes are difficult for me because you get hit and beaten up at the same time, and the pain needs to be realistic looking.

Fahmaan says, "In TV everyone is bound by time, and everything is constrained by telecast issues and audience tastes. In a movie or TV show, you have a lot of time to come up with a good plot, but in TV, if a particular plot doesn't work out, you have to think of newer ways right away.

When Malini returns to the show to exact revenge, he revealed on the current track. He stated: "Many times, adding another woman to the scene or connecting a plot with a past event is done to add newness; there is no intention to repeat what has already been done, but it is possible that it could succeed or fail. Malini has replaced the woman who was in the photo earlier and introduced herself as my friend."

The actor also mentioned how viewers of television enjoy conflict. And how the current emphasis of the song is on reconciling Aryan and Imlie. He explained, "After demonstrating Aryan and Imlie's love, they split the couple up, and the song now focuses on how Cheeni is reuniting them."

The on-screen chemistry between Fahmaan and Sumbul Touqeer, who play Aryan and Imlie, is fantastic. He commented on it by saying, "We get along really well because I adore my Imlie and Rani characters from my previous show, and I give romance my full attention. Since there are no expectations and we are solely focused on giving the show our best effort, I enjoy my friendship with Sumbul."

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