'I had Pegasus on my phone': Rahul Gandhi rakes up issue at Cambridge University
'I had Pegasus on my phone': Rahul Gandhi rakes up issue at Cambridge University
NEW DELHI: Congress Stalwart Rahul Gandhi said Prme Minsiter Narendra Modi is destroying the architecture of India by imposing an idea that India can't absorb. “I am not bothered about the two, three good things that he is doing if he is blowing my country into smithereens and that is  what he is doing,"  Rahul Gandhi said.
Rahul Gandhi's address at Cambridge University, in which he attacked the BJP government and PM Modi while asserting that Indian democracy is under danger, sparked a new argument. Although though the lecture was given on Wednesday, the complete video of the address was only posted on Friday, and as a result, BJP officials denounced the Congress MP. Rahul Gandhi claimed that the opposition leaders in India are being watched as he talked about his recent Bharat Jodo Yatra. 
India's architecture is being destroyed by PM Modi, who is also imposing a philosophy that the nation cannot accept. When pressed to name a few government measures that he believes are excellent, Rahul Gandhi responded, "I am not interested about the two, three good things that he is doing if he is blowing my nation into smithereens and that's what he is doing.
Anurag Thakur, a union minister, claimed that Pegasus was on his mind. Rahul Gandhi is once again raising a stink on foreign soil. He is thinking of Pegasus. Respect for India has grown worldwide under PM Modi's leadership, and major foreign leaders are expressing as much. The minister said that Rahul Gandhi should pay attention to what the Italian prime minister said about PM Modi. The results of yesterday's election demonstrate that Congress has once again been destroyed. The results from yesterday prove that people trust Prime Minister Modi, and Congress is unable to accept the will of the people, according to Anurag Thakur.
Shehzad Poonawalla, national spokesperson for the BJP, referred to the Supreme Court's ruling on Pegasus and claimed that even after the ruling, the "entitled dynast" continued to propagate lies about it. "The entitled dynast is a serial offender; time and time again, his animosity for one person turns into hatred for the nation... Paradoxically, he speaks about democracy when his daadi imposed the Emergency! What else is there to say? stated Shehzad.
The immature dynast is uttering the same ramblings and rantings that have been rejected by courts and the court of public opinion, the BJP spokesperson said. "After the spectacular no show of the Bharat Jodo Yatra, where Congress has been consigned to irrelevance in 3 states with a minority & tribal population," the spokesperson said.
Rahul Gandhi stated at the outset of his address that everyone is aware that Indian democracy is under threat and attack. "Indian opposition leaders are traversing that area. What is going on? The institutional structure necessary for democracy is being restricted. This includes the free press, the judiciary, and the parliament. Rahul Gandhi stated, "We are dealing with an attack on the fundamentals of Indian democracy.
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