I have not taken 'Sanyas' says Anupamaa fame Anagh Bhosale
I have not taken 'Sanyas' says Anupamaa fame Anagh Bhosale

Actress Anagh Bhosale, who had quit the show Anupamaa in March, has moved to a village in Wada and is spending time giving services to the ecovillage and pursuing spirituality. The actress had a chat with a media person, how she wanted to quit the entertainment industry and live with her parents in her hometown Pune. But, the actress has found happiness and calmness in Wada and hopes to find her life partner in the coming future.

The actress, who was last seen in screen on the show, Anupamaa, says, "I have been religious and spiritual since I was eight years old. After growing up and being a part of show business, I realized that joy is derived not from money or by wearing branded clothes or jewellery, but when you serve God and people around you. When I was started acting, my daily routine was all about going to the sets and doing my job, but now it's very unlike. I wake up early at 3.30 am and get ready for our spiritual activities that begin at 4.30 in the morning. The entire day is spent singing bhajans and taking god’s name and enjoying with my colleagues. I share my room with two other girls. Many youngsters are here to find calm and joy. Pursuing a spiritual life does not mean that I have taken sanyas."

She reveals that she has not claimed the world. "I do visit my parents a few times and haven't withdrawn from my responsibilities towards them. Secondly, pursuing a religious life does not mean that I don't want to tie the knot. Who says I don't want to get married. I am hoping to find a partner, who will be as religious and spiritual as me. As of now, I am content living in Wada because the joy that I have experienced here is what I have been looking for always."

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