Imlie decides to thank the man who saved Chinni's life, 28th July, Imlie
Imlie decides to thank the man who saved Chinni's life, 28th July, Imlie

The new episode of Imlie starts with Chinni introducing the hero that saved her life. Imlie asks her if she can recall his name. Chinni replies by saying that his name was huge and so she can’t remember it.

Later Imlie makes the decision to thank the man who helped her daughter Chinni. However, she is unable to have a chat with him as he is busy with other things. Aryan on the other hand senses Imlie’s presence and remembers some past moments spent with her.

Aryan seems Imlie around him and recalls how they had split up. Imlie misses Aryan as well and feels he is somewhere nearby. Chinni then asks Imlie if she is fine or not. Later, Imlie takes Chinni to a temple. Several villagers start criticizes against Imlie saying that she violates the laws of the village. They even start a violent confrontation where Chinni tries to stops the locals.

Chinni disagrees with the villagers and rescue Imlie. Meanwhile, Aryan goes to the Pagdandiya press office and asks for the reporter who behaves badly with him over the chat on the phone. The editor asserts that he is never going to open the name of the reporter. He further says that she is one of the greatest journalists in the area. Aryan wonders why a good journalist would want to stay in a village like Pagdandiya. He then argues with him and blackmails him to ruin his whole career. The editor then says that their news about Binny is hundred per cent correct and he should check his facts first.

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