If a girl falls in love with me, she will always be troubled: Imlie fame Fahmaan Khan
If a girl falls in love with me, she will always be troubled: Imlie fame Fahmaan Khan

The show Imlie's focus shifted to the romance between Sumbul Touqeer and Fahmaan Khan after actor Gashmeer Mahajani left. The two have grown quite close to one another in real life as well, and there has been constant talk about them being more than just friends. Sumbul and I am not a couple, Fahmaan clarified in a recent chat, putting an end to the rumors. I am friendly and understanding with everyone, and my name Fahmaan means "very understanding." I want to stay away from relationships at the moment because although I can be a great best friend, I can also be a problematic boyfriend.

He says, “I like my friendship with Sumbul because there are no expectations and we are fully focused on giving our best to the show. She is a good co-star. I enjoy my ‘alone’ space and do not want to get into a relationship. I am very happy that people like our pairing and even want to see us get married.”

Letting us in on how he has never been expressive or romantic, the actor adds, “I am not romantic in real life and my past girlfriends have always witnessed that. I don’t even hold hands. So, if a girl falls in love with me, she will always be troubled (laughs).”

Fahmaan talks about how he and his parents are very close, but that he only recently gave his father a tight hug. "I don't express emotions in my personal life either," he claims. When my parents visited a few months ago, I called my father one evening as he was getting ready for bed after 31 years, gave him a warm hug, and then we both went back to our rooms. When it comes to expressing my emotions, I am shy. Although I can't express myself much physically, I will care for and protect a person. I believe I will be a great friend because of this.

Fahmaan is currently enjoying acting in action scenes for his show Imlie at work. "I love playing action roles; I find them challenging," he claims. I draw a lot of inspiration from Bollywood action movies like Ghulam. Instead of just concentrating on making money, I want to do good work. I would therefore be happy to contribute positively to Bollywood and the OTT space in addition to television. In my career, I want to play a variety of characters.

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