Do not use these three things while making scrub at home

Sep 18 2020 03:53 PM
Do not use these three things while making scrub at home

To make the skin beautiful, girls use a lot of products. They use products which consist of chemicals and sometimes they even turn to home remedies. Particularly during the lockdown, a lot of people have started relying on home remedies. Homemade scrub is good for the skin. Due to the absence of chemical, it doesn't harm your skin. However, when making a scrub at home, it is necessary that you do not use these three things at all.

You may have heard of using sugar to make face scrubs many times. But you know that large and complex grains of sugar can harm your skin. Scrubbing requires a manual massage. When you rub sugar grains on the skin, there will be a fear of wounds on the face. Sugar can cause redness, burning and dryness along with wounds on the face. Therefore, if you ever want to make a scrub at home, do not use sugar for the skin.

Many of the people suggest making a pack of coffee scrub at home. The coffee pack is perfect for body use. But if you use it on the skin, coffee grains are also very rough which damage the upper layer of facial skin. There is a risk of hyperpigmentation on the skin. The lemon is a sour fruit and contains a lot of acid in natural quantities which should not be used directly on the face. By using lemon on skin, it snatches the natural oil from your face. These 3 things should not be used directly on the face.

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