If you want to remove the faults of Saturn, then definitely do these steps today.

On 04th December i.e. today there is solar eclipse and there is Saturn and Amavasya. Many people have a heavy Saturn horoscope and a variety of measures are taken to get rid of it. Some of the remedies we are going to tell you about which you can also remove your Saturn defect. Amavasya falls on Saturdays in astrology has special significance. So let's know what his remedy is.

* To get rid of Saturn, you can chant Um Pran Aruns: Shanaiskarai Namah: and Un Shan Shanaiskarai Namah. Also donating urad dal and sesame oil relieves pitra dosha.
* You can also donate shoes or slippers to someone to get rid of Saturn defects and worship shami trees.

* You can also worship Hanumanji to get rid of Shani Dosh which can save you from every trouble.

* Offering oil on Shani Amavasya and lighting lamps removes Saturn defects and pitra dosh.

* Worship the black cow on this day so that saturn removes the defect, as well as feed bread and apply sindoor on the forehead.

* Offer water to people's trees and offer lamps that can remove your Saturn defects.

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