Follow this Korean beauty formula to get flawless skin

Jul 17 2020 11:36 AM
Follow this Korean beauty formula to get flawless skin

Korean Beauty Hack: Beauty tips of Korea are impactful, this article is going to be important for you. Women all over the world nowadays want to get impeccable beauty.

1. Clean the face by immersing a cloth in water
First of all, there is a need to exfoliate and deep clean your face. For this, immerse a cloth of muslin in hot water every day and massage it on the face. It is to be done in the same way as massaged with oil. You will be stunned to see tight skin in just two weeks.

2. Exercise of the mouth
Facial yoga is also done in Western countries and the method women adopt in Korea is a kind of mouth exercise. Whenever you get time, repeat the vowels A, E, I, O, U repeatedly by opening your mouth and emphasizing each letter. True, this easy-looking exercise will increase blood circulation on your face.

3. Tap the face with fingers
Even now, beauty parlors are closed in most parts of India and even if open, people are shying away from going there. In such a situation, you can try facials at the app residence. Korean women slap their fingers after applying cream all over the face. Do not leave any part of the face from the cheeks to the forehead and from the chin to the jaw. Tapping with the fingers on the face not only increases blood circulation but also hydrates the skin due to the cream.

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