8 lakh new corona cases to come every day! Expert says peak may reach by Jan 15

New Delhi: Dr Manindra Agarwal, professor at Kanpur IIT, has said that the situation in the national capital, Delhi, is not very good with corona, but it is improving. He said Delhi may have a peak of the third wave of the epidemic around January 15. During this period, 35 to 70 thousand cases will come to light every day. At the same time, hospitals will need more than 12,000 beds during peak.

Speaking to the media, Prof Agarwal has answered several questions related to corona. He says that in the coming days, 4 to 8 lakh corona cases will be reported every day. He claimed that hospitals will also be short of beds during treatment, so proper management and planning is required. He said hospitals may require 1.5 lakh beds during peak.

Professor Agarwal said there is a difference between our earlier estimates based on South Africa data and the estimates right now. He said South Africa's data is very different from our country. Over time we will make estimates more accurate. He said it is extremely difficult for India to predict. We estimate that the third wave may peak in the last week of January or early February. During this period, 4 to 8 lakh cases will come up daily.

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