Jalebi making machine trending on Internet after Golgappa machine, Watch video

Oct 17 2020 05:02 PM
Jalebi making machine trending on Internet after Golgappa machine, Watch video

At this time, anything goes viral when you look at social media. At this time, jalebi/imriti making machine is going viral. A video of this machine is going viral at the moment and all are liking this video. This video is shared by Twitter user @bhushan_gyan on October 17 and it is very much liked by the people. This video is currently capped in fast discussions and whoever is watching this video is making it viral. However, the video has received about 400 viewers and 90 likes till the news was written.


However, this video has been shared with Lt Gen Gyan Bhushan's Twitter handle and we should also tell you that this machine is far ahead of 'Jugaad'. In addition to this video, another video is also going viral. In this video, you can clearly see that the customer of Panipuri gives a plate full of golgappe and tells them, ' You can fill your favourite water in Panipuri through this machine. " At this time, the customer liked this machine very much, because you just have to take the golgappa beneath it to take the flavour of the water you need.


Nowadays, there are many machines which are fast coming up in discussions and are also going viral. You can see a video about a Banda machine that says, 'It works like Panipuri machine, ATM. It took us six months to make it. Then he explains how to use the machine. It tells to first press the start button. Then collect the money, meaning, how much money you have to eat and put that much money in the machine. Then one by one machine will feed you golgappa.

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