'Imlie' fame Fahmaan Khan requests co-star Sumbul to join the live chat
'Imlie' fame Fahmaan Khan requests co-star Sumbul to join the live chat

Suppose fame Sumbul Touqeer engaged in a heartfelt conversation with her followers during a live Instagram chat. She is sorely missed by the show's audience as Imlie, and they are not pleased with the transition. They find it difficult to understand her chemistry with Fahmaan Khan, who took the TRP at its highest point after Gashmeer Mahajan left the show. There has been much speculation about whether they are dating, not just because of their onscreen chemistry but also because of their off-screen friendship. But Sumbul clarified that they are close friends and even mockingly referred to him as a problematic boyfriend.

Fahmaan was asked to join Sumbul during a live chat she was having with her Instagram followers, but she declined, saying, "He is in Goa, let him chill." Later, she even cracked a joke when she said that he has a separate account if they want to speak with him. Furthermore, Sumbul provided an explanation for Fahmaan's disappearance from Ravivaar. When asked about Star Parivaar, she responded that he had Dengue and couldn't participate in the show, but they had definitely missed him.

One of the confirmed contestants for Bigg Boss 16 is Sumbul Touqeer, and Fahmaan Khan is her biggest supporter. He is confident that she will light up the show. One of the young contestants on the Salman Khan show is Sumbul, and her fans can't wait to learn more about her on this reality show. Although her fans didn't ask her directly about competing in the Bigg Boss show during the live chat, they did advise her to skip the victory dance because they are absolutely certain she will win the competition. As she wants to keep people curious, Sumbul decided not to respond.

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