Imran Khan again made statement in favor of 'terror outfit' for recognition

Islamabad: Pakistan PM Imran Khan is working to develop a consensus for the Taliban, a terror group, to recognize the new caretaker government of the "Islamic Emirates" in Afghanistan. Speaking to the media in an interview since the Taliban captured Afghanistan on August 15, Imran Khan said the best way for peace and stability in Afghanistan is to connect with the Taliban and encourage them on issues in which women's rights and inclusive government can find a place.

Imran Khan told the media, "The Taliban have captured the whole of Afghanistan and if they can now act towards an inclusive government, bring all factions together, there can be peace in Afghanistan after a long gap of 40 years. But if it goes wrong and we are really concerned about it, it can turn into chaos. This will lead to the biggest humanitarian crisis and a major refugee problem.''

Pak PM Imran Khan further said, "It is wrong to think that someone from outside will give rights to Afghan women. Afghan women are strong. Give them time. They will get their rights. Women should have the ability to fulfill their potential in life in society.''

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