Imran Khan to visit US, Will save hotel money and stay at embassy
Imran Khan to visit US, Will save hotel money and stay at embassy

Islamabad: Pakistan's PM Imran Khan has expressed a desire to stay at the official embassy of Pakistan's ambassador to the US instead of staying at an expensive hotel in Washington during a three-day visit to the US from July 21. According to a Dawn News report, while the stay at Ambassador Assad Majid Khan's home could reduce travel costs, the U.S. intelligence service and the city administration did not find the idea more appropriate.

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While the U.S. intelligence service takes responsibility for the security of a guest as soon as it arrives in the Us, the city administration has to decide whether the visit will affect Washington's transportation. Hundreds of presidents and prime ministers visit Washington every year and the U.S. federal government works closely with the city administration to ensure that a guest visit does not affect the lives of the people of the city.

The Pakistan Ambassador's home is located in the middle of the diplomatic enclave in Washington, where embassies from at least a dozen countries, including India, Turkey and Japan, have been built. Dawn said in a report that the visiting president holds a series of meetings with U.S. officials, politicians, press and expert representatives at a stopover in Washington.

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