Wife did not go to her in-laws' house for 11 years saying 'no auspicious time'

Raipur: In the name of auspicious time, a woman in Chhattisgarh kept refusing to go to her in-laws' house for 11 years. When the case reached the court, the bench of Judge Gautam Bhaduri and Rajni Dubey, considering it as an incident of abandonment, dissolved it under the Hindu Marriage Act. The court also gave consent to the divorce under the Act.

A person named Santosh Singh had filed a petition in the family court for divorce on the ground of abandonment. The court had dismissed the petition, refusing to grant the divorce on this ground. After which Santosh filed for divorce in the High Court. In the petition, Santosh had said that after marriage in 2010, his wife stayed with him for only 11 days and then went to her maternal home. From there he tried to bring his wife back several times, but she kept refusing to come every time saying that there was no auspicious time. The wife said that her husband did not come to pick her up at an auspicious time, due to which she could not go to her in-laws' house. The wife also told that she had not left her husband, she was just following her customs.

The court observed that auspicious time is meant for the happy times of a family, but in this case it has been used as an instrument of a hindrance. The court, dissolving the marriage, gave consent to the decree of divorce under Section 13(IB) of the Hindu Marriage Act. In its order, the court has also said that as per the facts, the wife had completely left her husband, hence divorce is the right of the husband.

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