Here car's tank will be full for just Rs 50
Here car's tank will be full for just Rs 50

New Delhi: Petrol and diesel prices are on fire in the country. Its price is constantly rising. Petrol is being sold at Rs 108.64 per litre in Delhi and Rs 114.44 per litre in Mumbai. Diesel prices have gone up to Rs 97.38 and Rs 105.45 per litre in Delhi and Mumbai respectively. Petrol is being sold at Rs 120 per litre in some cities of the country including Sriganganagar in Rajasthan, Anuppur and Balaghat in Madhya Pradesh. On the other hand, petrol and diesel are getting even more expensive in some countries of the world and much cheaper in some countries.

Coming to the most expensive petrol, in Hong Kong, it is selling more than $2.56, or Rs. 192 per litre. These expressions are from September. According to international site, petrol in the Netherlands is $2.18, or about Rs 163 per litre. In the Central African Republic, the price of petrol is around Rs 160 a litre. Petrol is also very expensive in Israel, Norway, Greece, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and so on. Now let's talk about cheap petrol. According to reports, the South American country Venezuela has the cheapest petrol. The price of one litre of petrol here is $0.02. That is, you will get 1 litre of petrol here for just Rs. 1.50.

Now imagine how much money you have to pay to get your car tank full in India. If the capacity of your car tank is 30 litres, you will have to pay Rs 3,260 in Delhi, while Rs 3,434 in Mumbai. In Venezuela, your car tank will be full for less than Rs. 50.

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