Quiz Time: When is Hiroshima Day celebrated?

1. In what form is the first Sunday of August celebrated?
A. Friendship Day
B. National Mountain Mountaineering Day
C. Yorkshire Day
D. None of the above
Ans. A

2. In what form is 4th August celebrated?
A. Yorkshire Day
B. National Fried Clam Day
C. U.S. Coast Guard Day
D. World UFO Day
Ans. C

3. When is Hiroshima Day celebrated?
A. August 3
B. August 4
C. August 5
D. August 6
Ans. D

4. In what form is 12th August celebrated?
A. Nagasaki Day
B. International Youth Day
C. World Zonoses Day
D. Canada Day
Ans. B

5. When was the Quit India Movement launched?
A. August 1940
B. August 1941
C. August 1942
D. August 1943
Ans. C

6. On which date did the US drop a bomb called 'Fat Man' on Japan?
A. August 7th, 1940
B. August 8, 1942
C. August 9, 1943
D. August 9, 1945
Ans. D

7. When is International Left Hander Day celebrated?
A. August 11
B. August 12
C. August 13
D. August 14
Ans. C

8. When is World Photography Day celebrated?
A. August 16
B. August 17
C.18 August
D.19 August
Ans. D

9. When is World Mosquito Day celebrated?
A. August 20
B. August 22
C. August 23
D. None of the above
Ans. A

10. National Sports Day is celebrated in whose honour?
A. Dhyan Chand
B. Kapil Dev
C. Dhanraj Pillai
D. Kothajit Singh
Ans. A

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