India focusing on green growth and green jobs: PM Modi

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that the focal point of India is on green growth and green jobs.

He stressed the need of meeting the net-zero target for the year 2070 while speaking to a gathering of state environment ministers in Gujarat. He emphasized how important the state environment ministries are to attaining these objectives.

Pm Modi urged all environment ministers to do everything in their power to advance a circular economy in the states. He added to his comments by saying that it will help to enhance the fight against solid waste and free us from the grip of single-use plastic.

When discussing the function of the environment ministries, the prime minister remarked that this function shouldn't be limited. He bemoaned the fact that the environment ministries had for a while taken on more of a regulatory role.
The job of the Environment Ministry, "is more as a promoter of the environment than as a regulator," Modi urged that the states take responsibility for initiatives like the policy on vehicle scrapping and biofuel initiatives like ethanol blending and improve them locally. He also urged nations to work together and engage in healthy competition to advance these policies.

The Prime Minister cited the International Solar Alliance, the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure, and the LiFE movement as examples of how India is not only making significant advancements in the field of renewable energy but also setting an example for other countries around the world.

"The new India of today is advancing with new thinking and new attitude." The Prime Minister continued by stating that not only is India's economy growing quickly, but so is its ecological infrastructure. "Our wetlands are also rapidly developing, and our forest cover has also risen." he added.

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