Opposition of National Security Act in Hong Kong, Indian Ambassador says this
Opposition of National Security Act in Hong Kong, Indian Ambassador says this

The issue of Hong Kong is becoming serious globally. China's Parliament has approved a new law. The name of which is being opposed in Hong Kong. The name of this law is the National Security Act. People have raised their voice in the country against the law.

Other countries of the world have also come down against the law. These countries believe that this law threatens the rights and freedom of the people living in Hong Kong. Although China is not ready to accept the apprehension expressed by these countries at all. Taiwan has also supported anti-China countries on the issue of Hong Kong. However, the whole world is taking Hong Kong as a serious subject.

Former Ambassador of India Meera Shankar has issued a statement against the law. She believes that the situation in Hong Kong is becoming increasingly serious due to the law. The hope of an early end to the protests there is not visible at the moment. The agreement which China signed in the past with one country and two systems, is now seen to end. She also said during this time that in view of the changing circumstances of Hong Kong, India also has to think about its citizens living there. These people of Indian origin were also far ahead in the field of business in Hong Kong. But in the midst of changing circumstances, it is difficult to say whether these people will stay there or not, but India definitely needs to think about it.

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