Indian Business Leaders Embrace AI for Growth and Efficiency
Indian Business Leaders Embrace AI for Growth and Efficiency

Mumbai: CEOs, CXOs, and other top executives are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to drive innovation and streamline operations. With AI poised to revolutionize numerous industries, there's a growing urgency for business leaders to familiarize themselves with this technology.

Experts emphasize the need for executives to understand AI's role in transforming businesses and driving innovation. Francisco Veloso, Dean of global business school Insead, notes a surge in interest among Indian professionals in upskilling, particularly in AI and its applications in business strategy and operations.

"We're seeing a keen interest from corporate leaders and senior management," says Veloso. "They're not necessarily aiming to become AI experts but rather to learn how to integrate AI tools effectively into their businesses for enhanced products and efficiency."

Meanwhile, education platform upGrad reports a rising demand for executive doctoral programs focusing on generative artificial intelligence (GenAI). Mayank Kumar, co-founder of upGrad, highlights the appeal of these programs to experienced professionals seeking agility and adaptability in today's market.

"Our programs have attracted CXOs, directors, and seasoned professionals with a decade or more of experience," says Kumar. "This reflects the growing recognition among senior executives of the need to acquire new skills."

Tata Consumer's CEO, Sunil D'souza, underscores the importance of AI expertise within management teams. "Our digital team has been instrumental in showcasing AI's potential," says D'souza. "We're now taking steps to implement AI-driven solutions in our operations."

Similarly, Sunil Kataria, CEO of Raymond Lifestyle, highlights his company's collaboration with tech giants like Microsoft and AWS to harness AI for business growth. "Integrating AI into our operations has become a priority," says Kataria. "It's changing the way we engage with customers and conduct business."

In today's fast-paced business landscape, board members agree that AI knowledge is indispensable. As businesses strive to stay ahead, understanding and leveraging AI technology is paramount for sustained growth and competitiveness.

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